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      Another newbie question:

      I have just recently gotten into video making. I started out by getting the Samsung HMX H100. It is a decent camcorder for the beginner. I found that my HD videos were jumpy and/or zig-zaggy when viewing them. I thought that the SD card couldn’t handle the capture rate the camera was operating at. It has no internal memory. The SD card is a 4 gig/class 10. SO… I went ahead and bought a canon hf m31. It is a great camera with 32G of internal memory. I am still experiencing the same problems.

      My video editor is Windows Movie Maker that came with my computer. I got my computer mainly to browse the internet and run quicken. Now I’m starting to think that my computer is underpowered or too slow to process the videos. It has a graphics card… i think. the only information I can find says: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelorator Driver for Mobile. I don’t know if that describes the card or just the driver the computer uses with its stock video chip/card.

      Now, down to the meat of the post. I am interested in learning more about video making. I want to have the tools available. I don’t plan on turning pro but to just continue this as a hobby. I want to try and make short films and other produced videos. I am considering keeping my present computer and purchasing a dedicated computer for video production only… plus internet capabilities so I can upload to YouTube. With that in mind here are my questions:

      Should I stay with a PC or look at a Mac?

      What should be the minimum requirements for my processor, video card/graphics card.

      That is basically all I know to ask about at the moment.

      Is there another thread that covers this? I read a thread where a person had built a dedicated computer but was having trouble deciding on the graphics card. If you built a dedicated computer what would you put in it.

      Thanks for the help.


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      I am sure others will chime in as they read this.

      Froms the specs on the Samsung HMX H100 the SDHC card should not be a problem at a class 10 although 4G is kind of small.

      PC or MAC? If you already work with a PC understand you will have some learning curve with the MAC OS on top of trying to learn your video editing.

      As far as what type of computer,andthe minimum requirements should be,will depend a lot on what editing software you plan to use. There are several good editing programs out there for less than $100 to get you started. You will want to look at them, their minimum specs (take careto look at what ittakesto run HD videoediting as they tend to list two tiers, one for SD and one for HD) and than look into a computer that is somewhat above those specs with respect to processor, ram, and video card to display the videoto give you some room to grow.

      You will want one with 2 HDD, one for your OS and programs and the other for your data to make it easier when editing as well.

      And yes there are many other threads that cover this as well, some in great detail.

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      Right off If you’re not using Windows Live Movie Maker you’re going to have problems using HD video. As Crafters mentioned, the real culprit may be your computer is not fully up to the task of pushing AVCHD video. That’s a common problem as all computer companies will tout their computers will allow you to ‘play your videos and blah, blah, blah’ but don’t mention there are specific requirements the system must meet to ‘play them well’.

      AVCHD compressed video is currently still a bear to process compared to straight DV. At the bare minimum, you need a single-core CPU rated at 2.8GHz and 3GB of RAM just to get it to work reasonably. Actually, a dual-core CPU rated 2.66GHz (I currently use a quad-core duo 2.4 and an i7 quad-core to work with HD), 4GB of RAM (8 or more makes editing life easier) and don’t forget a video card that is capable of pushing HD video. You’re probably using onboard video capacity from your motherboard and that’s rarely as powerful as a dedicated video card.

      As for ‘getting a mac’ goes, you can run into a similar problem of being underpowered and just spent some more money with that option too. However, before you decide to either upgrade or get another unit altogether, are you using a laptop or desktop? Is it a name brand or an office workstation you’re just using at home? Next, check out your computer specifications (CPU, RAM and Video Card=GPU) either through your written documentation or by going into the control panel and looking up ‘system’.

      If your components are rated below the minimum numbers I mentioned, that’s your problem. If they meet or exceed those numbers then you should look into getting some inexpensive editing software like Vegas Movie Studio or the like. You’ll still have to make sure your unit meets the requirements for the new software so be advised as you may have the same problem.

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      Yes… it looks like my computer is woefully underpowered.

      Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2310 @ 1.46GHz

      Memory (RAM) 1.00 GB

      There is no information of a video card so I’m probably just using the motherboard for video processing.

      Hobbies can get expensive I think. I will take this information and decide on the editing software I’d like to use and then find a computer that will run it with power to spare.



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      Well… I went ahead and ordered a new computer today. It should do well.

      AMD Athlon II X4 630 (Quad Core)
      8 GB DDR2 Memory
      1 TB Hard Drive
      GeForce GTS250 Video Card

      I’m confident this will handle the HD. The i7 would have bumped the price up to a bit more than I was willing to spend.

      Any opinions? I’m having it built locally so I can always call them up and have something changed on the fly.

      Thanks for all the information


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      Suggestion of a second harddrive. It’s aways a good idea to have one drive with just your OS and programs to run from and use the second for your working files and additional storage during your editing.

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