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      I’m going to buy a new computer after I realised that i can not install Promier Pro CS4 on my 3.5 years old one. I solicit any advices form experts to understand (and save money) what are essential and what are just desirable (but not mandatory)requirements for my future computer that I’m going to use for DVD and Blue-ray disk production using Premier ProCs4.

      Yes, I did read Abode page about “minumum requirements” and I’m not happy with their information (e.g. they forgot to mention that processor must have SSE2 instruction set). Now I want inputs form real people.

      Thank you in advance.

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      For HDV and Blu Ray you will need a Quad Core processor, at least 4GB of RAM, 512mb Video memory and a good size hard drive or two.

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      What does “10K or SSD” mean? Why do I need RAID system- for reliable storage?

      Why do I need so much external memory – for actual editing/rendering or storage/achiving?I’m going to edit/render ~30min HD clip at a time, store initial footage on tapes and archive ready files – on external drives.

      My intentionis to buy computer withdecent but minimum insidehardware(i.e. right processor, RAM, Videocard, ports) that would let me start workingimmediately and then gradually increase it’s power by adding external devices (i.e.hard drives, disk burner , etc).

      What parameters of BlueRay burner I should pay attention? Is it better to make it internal or external?

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      Why do I need top-nitch videocard with 512 MB dedicated memory – for watching ready clips? What will happen if I use card with 128Mb?

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      This is a video forum, my assumption is that you want to edit HDV and burn blu ray discs.

      If you only want to watch blu ray movies then you don’t need most of this, just a blu ray player πŸ˜‰

      However, if you want to edit HDV then you need the items that we are suggesting.
      I don’t necessarily agree with the RAID recommendation, I don’t use RAID on any of my editing drives.
      In some cases RAID can be a bad thing for editing depending on what RAID configuration you are using.

      My main computer has RAID 0 on the two primary drives (250gb) and only because it came that way.

      My other two drives (750gb) are not included in the RAID configuration and I have no problems editing HDV.

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      Forgive my poor English that isthe source of mis-understanding. My question was: If I’m NOT GOING to watch HD movies or play videogames on a computer, just edit and render HDV files usng video editor, why do I need best-of-the-best videocard?

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      There are still effects that utilize the video card memory, these are GPU effects and transitions.
      Also, the graphics card plays a big part in any video editing experience and application.
      512mb video is not the ‘best of the best’ anymore, it is actually getting to be rather old technology.

      I have been editing HDV for over a year now, you can take my word for it or not. Get the 128mb card and you will have problems editing SD video, let alone HDV. There are many people at with lots of HDV experience, go ask them πŸ˜‰

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      Video GraphicsCard, Processor, and RAM are the trinity of video editing!

      You want to get the best you can afford.

      A good processor will make for faster renders.

      A good 512MB+video graphicscard will assist the processor…the better card you have the faster your renders will be and better handling.

      RAM will allow you to actualy run your program, especially multiple programs at once if you have much RAM…it will also allow you to work more comfortably in your editing applications.

      People will spend $2000 on just a video graphics card alone! They are extremely importantso don’t forget it….especially when dealing with HD.

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