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      i currently purchased the sony hdr sr12, and am looking to do try my hand at some creative video projects. I will probably post them on youtube, but i will also want to burn them on dvd in the avchd format. (i have a ps3 for playback). my question, i currently have a hp laptop with a 1.46GHz Intel Celeron M Processor 410m, 2GB of memory, and a 80gb HDD, 30gb free. (i could free up some more if i had to.)

      is this enough for editing? i am looking into getting the sony vegas 9 software if that will help as i know it natively supports avchd. hard drive space shouldnt be a problem for i will normally delete a project when im finished with it, and have it on dvd. (if it is i will look into a portable HDD).

      im not looking into a new computer anytime soon. strapped for cash after getting my desired camcorder. one last question:

      if i cant edit it on the highest quality, what quality do you recommend i record at for editing purposes, until i get a newer computer with better compatability?

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      You’re computer is fine for AVCHD. It’s highly compressed video, so you’re not working with gicantic files.

      The only thing I suggest is buying an external hard drive.Ideally you do not want anything loaded to your laptops internal hard drive other than software. If you fill it up too much it will lag and possibly crash. If the drive crashes with all your project files and source media on there, you’re screwed. So do yourself a favor a get an external drive…prefereable one that spins at 7200RPM and use the firewire800 connection. Firewire400 at minimum, do not use USB.

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