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      im sorry if this topic has already been discussed before, but i am wandering around and thinking, that i really wanna have a computer(not a laptop) which is totally made for video editing, so it runs for example Sony vegas 9.0 pro smooth.

      but my question is, which hardware you would recomend at least to have in a such computer?

      Thanks from Thomas Nielsen (Denmark)

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      Yes this topic has been discussed ad nauseum. Here’s one of the more detailed threads that should cover much of what you’re looking for.

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      There are companies like who build computers that will do the job. (They build far more power than you’d NEED, but man, they’re nice.) I personally built my own with parts from and have been very happy, and have no need to do anything else. Build your own and you get EXACTLY what you want.

      Mine runs Adobe Master Collection fine. The only issue I’ve ever had is trying to run 2 AVCHD clips simultaneously makes it lag. From what I’ve learned, this has more to do with the nature of AVCHD video than it does with my computer. It renders them fine in the end, but lags on the screen when previewing it is all. I can run multiple programs at the same time (Photoshop, Premiere and Flash for example) and it doesn’t blink.

      My editing machine: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.83 GHz, 8 GB DDR2 RAM, Vista 64bit Ultimate, BFG NVIDIA Gforce GTS 250 1GBvid card, blu ray burner, etc. I’m betting thatI would get similar results if I scaled it back a bit–this might be more than you need.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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