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      I’m looking at purchasing a new pc and here is the specs as of now
      2 gig of ram
      16xdvd +- rw dl
      250 gb/sata hd
      GeforceFX6200/256 mb/pciX
      P4 560/3.6ghz
      windows xp
      cost is 1200

      my questions- I’m looking at another hard drive say 250 range or for the same price i can upgrade to 3 gig of ram. what is the benifits of memory vs ram? what would be more benificial for running editing programs? right now i run Pinnicle but looking to upgrade to adobe pro. how much ram will a pc reconize? if i run 2 hd will performance be slower? what would be better 500 gb total of hd or 3 gig of ram?


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      Right now, I have 2 harddrives for a total of 280GB. I have 1 gig of ram. It seems to me that unless you are doing some heavy rendering like with after effects or some 3d modelling program, you wouldn’t need 3 gigs of ram. I could very well be wrong though. I know that having a ton of harddrive space is a plus. With the 280 I have now, i have maybe 30 gigs free, because I usually start work on a project and then have to put it aside and start something else, so I end up having alot of video stored on my computer until I can finish the project and delete it. I’m sure there are better ways of handling my footage, but I’m still learning. I’d say go with the extra harddrive space. You can never have enough.

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      Get the second hard drive, most NLE’s require (or at least recommend) a dedicated drive, so the bigger the better. The difference from 2 GB of RAM to 3 GB you wouldn’t notice anyway.

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      In case you are interested to know, depending on the northbridge chipset on your motherboard, the mappable address space is usually 4Gig.
      Usually 2 chipsets on motherboards, NB and SB. The NB (North Bridge) is the one that’s connected to your CPU(s) and memory BUS.
      Anyway, I have 3 hard disk’s installed, IDE drives, and the 4th IDE device is my DVD drive, thus I do not gave places left on the IDE cables to connect drives anymore. Total of 420 Gig, and storage is always welcome, mostly to have some place to do important backups to, since drives are not guaranteed for long anymore.
      Bottom line, take the disk.

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      thanks for all the responses. more memory the better. i’ll have 2 gigs of ram for now with possoble upgrade later.

      I’m almost thinking of going mac becuase I’ll be fighting my wife for computer time. She is a photographer who uses a pc. Her computer has 280g total hd and it’s 90% full. She will not delete old pictures. If I go mac I can keep her off my computer.

      Thanks again for all the responces

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      If you have four Ram slots, It’s actually better to go with two sets of linked ram (giving you 2 gigs all together). Window XP has difficulty recognizing and utilizing High amounts of ram properly anyways. I can’t wait for Vista.

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      Jonathan Decker Wrote:

      I can’t wait for Vista.

      Don’t hold your breath. Not even The Almighty Bill himself has any idea as to when exactly is this OS finally launched and I bet in the long term we’ll see it’s just as crappy as any other OS they gave us }:-@ .

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