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      Hi guys and thanks everybody who use this site and help newbie guys like me. Well I buy a computer for editing and wanna use pinnacle studio 9, adobe premier 6.5 or 1.5 pro for editing. Here what I buy. 3.0 GHZ processor, 200 GB Hard Drive, 1.0 Ghz Ram, Double Layer DVD burner, Firewire port. My question is what kind of video card do I need to run these software nicely and smoothly. I called and they say any 256k videocard is good for u. Do I really need to spend hundred of dollar on expensive video card which are probably good for gaming bud does’nt make much difference on editing. Thankyou

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      The short answer… No You will be just fine with a 128mb graphics card or even a 64mb card for video editing. I have a pretty decent 256mb nvidia card that really wasn’t too expensive, but the reason I got it was for the dual monitor ports. Shop around and get a nice card that will do what you want it to, but you don’t need to spend tons of money on it for video editing. Gaming, like you said is where the monster video cards come into play.


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      I use a Asus AGP_V4980 (Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti-4800)duel head
      128 MB memory.
      No troubles at all.
      Works great with Studio 9.
      Monitor 1 shows main program Monitor 2 show full screen footage.
      Beats trying to look at the small preview screen.
      Used it in Premiere – Great to spread everything over the two monitors

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      Be very careful using more than one video editing program on your computer
      You can get conflicts between the programs and drivers causing all sorts of frustrations.
      If you want to use more than 1 program, read the instruction books carefully as things have to be loaded a certain way.

      It’s best if you have two hard drives – one for operating system and program the other for caputre, edit and rendering

      I use multiple editing programs and ended up installing a removable drive tray. I use one drive, complete with operating system for studio 9 and another drive complete with operating system for Premiere 7. Both these are drive c

      I have a capture drive (drive D) with two folders 1 is pinnacle the other is Adobe
      my third drive(Drive e) is for projects – again divided into adobe and Pinnacle

      Drive F is my render drive – yes, again it is divided into Adobe and Pinnacle.

      All drives are 250 meg and are Sata drives.

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      graphics cards are important to some programs like adobe or pinnacle as those programs rely on the gpu to render. Sony’s Vegas titles rely on the CPU for rendering. Video editing is more 2d than 3d, so you don’t necessarily need a high end graphics card.


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      Believe it or not, I have an old 32 MB DDR card, and my video looks fine to me. So, no the video card’s RAM is not the most important thing.

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      I use a GeForce4 MX 4000, AGP 8x, 64 MB DDRAM. (NLE: Pinnacle Studio 9.4.3 and Avid FreeDV).

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      As Videoman says, Have at least two hard drives!

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