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      Hi, I’m new to this forum and relatively new to video editing. I have a lot of video from my trips that I would like to edit together and I’ve come to the realization that my laptop cannot handle the requirements to edit, let alone play the videos smoothly. My laptop is a barebone Dell Inspiron 1525 and I’m looking to build a desktop computer on somewhat of a budget (under a $1000?, but willing to spend more) for this purpose and possibly computer game as well. Also, my only requirement is to have a computer that can support dual monitoring. Unfortunately, I haven’t built a computer in several years (mainly because I game on my PS3 now) and haven’t kept up with the technology and I’m getting lost in the jargon.

      Current Computer Specs

      Intel Pentium Dual T2370 @ 1.73 GHz,

      4GB of RAM

      Windows Vista 32-bit

      Video card is Mobile Intel 965, total memory 358 MB, insert sad face

      Most of the videos are filmed either on a Kodak Zi8 camera in either 720p at 30 or60 fps and at 1080p and a GoPro Hero HD camera at the same resolution and framerates as the Kodak camera. Sound isn’t really too big of an issue because the videos filmed on GoPro lack audio due to the waterproof housing I keep on the camera while I’m snowboarding. That and these are home videos so the main purpose of editing these videos is to be able to share them with family and friends.

      I plan on using Sony Vegas Movie Studio to edit because I’ve used the software in the past and I like their software. I guess when I editing in the past it was just after I FDISKED my computer so maybe that’s why it was able to handle the HD videos for the most part. Thanks in advance for your help.

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      My laptop’s got XP with a 2.2GHz core2duo processor, and it can only handle the 1080p60 footage at 1 fps.

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