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      Hello Compusolver,
      In reading through many of the posts I saw that you also do or previously had done websites. I’m hoping you can answer this question for me. I’ve already designed a site and have it ready to put onto the web. I’ve been searching for a web hosting company but have started thinking about buying my own server to setup in my home to use for myself and to store all my web content on. Obviously it’s not as easy as just plugging into my DSL line. Could you help me with some of the specifics to get up and running or direct me to a link that can explain the process? All I know so far is that I’ll have to pay for the domain name, but I saw something about paying for bandwidth also but didn’t know if that applied to private servers. Argh… I wish now that I had some formal training on this stuff. Besides for building sites I’m a complete beginner to web stuff. If you’re wondering what this has to do with video, the site will be hosting my video work and graphics design work. Although It’s a hobby right now I’m hoping to turn it into my profession in the future (after I get some more training and experience).

      I’ve pretty much have narrowed down what software I’ll need so I won’t need any help with that.

      If you want to reply via E-mail send me a PM and we’ll exchange E-mail addresses to get more specific on some of my questions.

      Thanks in advance for your time….Josh

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      Thank you Hank, I appreciate that you took time out of your day to answer my questions. I originally thought of having my own server thinking that I could host some other people to spread out some of the costs involved. From the way it sounds, it is more complicated than I initially figured on. Somehow my thought drifted away from still being stuck with an ISP connection (should have been obvious) too bad I cant be my own ISP! lol.. The $99 offer is quite tempting and I’ll put that under heavy consideration. That would also save me on some software costs if it is pre-installed on the server. I will need a my-SQL database since I do plan to have a phbb message board similiar to this one. I think before I make any solid decisions I’ll attempt to get some books on the subject and study it thoroughly.

      BTW, nice sites you have there, I’m am starting to get into flash myself, but most of my really good work is non-flash at this time. Photoshop CS2, Imageready, Illustrator, Go-Live 8 css editor.

      Thanks again Hank, I’ll be in contact with you sometime in the near future….Josh

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