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      How do I "white balance" the C7?

      I shot a baby shower last week, and though the footage looks great, it does have a slight "yellowish" hue. I am reading "the wedding video handbook" which mentions white balancing, but doesnt tell exactly how to do it?

      He says, place a white sheet in from of the camera and manual white balance it, but I dont know what that means?

      Compusolver and the rst of you gurus, help please?

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      Find the manual control for white balancing on your camera. Turn your camera on and aim it at anything that is white. If your balance is off it won’t look white in the camera. Press your white balance control and watch your screen. The white wall/sheet of paper/etc will shift color until its white. Let go of the button. Its now balanced.

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      Hi kkmac – thanks! Im going to try it right now! 🙂

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      how do i dump my samaung mini dv to my computer with out the softwear

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