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      Here is my situation.
      Shoot the video with squeeze mode using Panasonic AGDV100A with F4 mode. Capture movie in Adobe Premiere 1.5 using preset 24p . Export movie using 24p compression with wide screen 16:9 but the result very static but if I use DV (NTSC) compression the result much better but I am not sure if I am seeing cinema like result.
      Can some one tell me what I did wrong or what should have done?

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      what is your problem you are not explaining it very well

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      It might just be your video player….try taking the footage, exporting it to your camera and see if it looks good.

      I have alot of experiance with 24p and Vegas 5, so I don’t know much about Premiere, but I sould say, 1.) make sure you use the same patern that you shot with (also, make sure that if your shooting 30p or 60i, not to render 24p….only render 24p if you SHOT in 24p or 24pA….or else it’ll look like junk as you describe). 2.) If you shot in 24p, use 3-2 and if you shot in 24pA, use 2-3-3-2.

      Hope that helpped.

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