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      Hi, could some one tell me wich programcan I use to compress a video from final cut to you tube with the biggest amount of quality possible? this is because is my weddings video service demo and I want them to look great. Than you

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      Try this site:

      I use their tools for most of my “simple needs” projects, yet they are very good tools and inexpensive.  Give it a try.  If you buy I recommend the  life time subscription, but that is good for only one machine.  If you replace the machine, you have to buy a new license.


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      I have been using the Quick Media converter from Cocoonsoft, it a freeware tool and does a great job of compressing video formats to upload to You Tube. I have not seen any really dramatic looses in quality of the video using this tool

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      I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 for encoding, which is also my editing software. If you too use Premiere then you will want to read my blog post on Max Render Quality in Adobe Premiere Pro and NVIDIA GPU acceleration.

      It discusses the difference between software only and GPU acceleration, as well as checking and unchecking the Max Render Quality Box.

      I also talk about frame rates as many of the presets have incorrect frame rates for your source material – don’t assume that presets are always the best settings for your footage.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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