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      I am brand new to video editing. Ineed to make teaching/documentary videos. To prepare, I am watching the Class on Demand DVD on Vegas Video, by Douglas Spotted Eagle (DSE).

      In the video, DSE briefly familiarizes one with how to use Vegas to compress an audio/narration track,in order to make the narration stand out (i.e., make one’s voice sound deep and rich). Then he strongly urges the viewer to learn all about compressors and limiters, and to compress any-and-all audio narration in one’s projects. However, he does not spend a lot of time on the subject, or recommend any references orresources as to where one can learn more.

      Does anyone know the best resource for learning more about compressing audio for video?

      I do happen to have a Pre-Sonus Comp 16 compressor/limiter:

      How do I get the bestquality audio signal? Do I use the Comp 16 to compress the signal going into the camcorder?Or do I just record a ‘clean signal’ to the tape, and then do all of my compressing/mixing in post (i.e., in Vegas)? Or does it work equally well both ways?

      I will be filming with a teleprompterin front of a green screen. My microphone is a DPA-4088B headset (which will hide easily in my beard). My camera is a Sony HDR-FX1 shooting in HDV (1080i). I will be usinga JuicedLink CX-231 to quiet the pre-amps. My goal is to get the best quality audio signal.

      Thank you in advance for your help.


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