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      I am new at this so please bear with me. I do a lot of filming while riding motorcycles and ATVs. I really enjoy the results and have a great deal of fun editing the MiniDV. I use a Sony HC96 camera and iMovie to edit. I have made a few 4 to 8 minutes clips but when I compress them I lose all definition. I assume it is because there is so much movement in the film. Do you have any suggestions for keeping the quality and still be able to upload to forums or e-mail?

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      Well, you can only make a video so long in length, or so small in size.

      Instead of uploading the video itself by email or on a forum, try uploading a larger, more defined file to an online video host, such as youtube or google video. If that quality isn’t enough, I know there’s other ways of uploading, but you can only compress video so small and still have good definition.

      hope that helps

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