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      I have a wmv and an avi of 2 hours of screencaptures.. I want to compress it to 8 minutes but it takes hours to render in Premiere and Sorenson Squeeze.
      Does anyone know what I can use to compress it faster and still have crisp video ? πŸ˜• πŸ™

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    😯 WOW!

    If I’m understanding you correctly, I’m afraid that what you’re trying to do is kind of impossible. Sure you might be able to do it at a real small resolution but you made the comment about crisp video.

    If this could be done, at 128:8 (min) we would have never needed DVD’s because you could have loaded 20+ hours of uncompressed video on one CD.


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    ehh… sounds kind of like your trying to convert 120 mins @ 30fps (216000 frames total) to 8mins @ 450fps? That kind of "sharp" frames per second isn’t going to happen, nothing "normal" I know of will play at that speed. The best you could possibly do is interlace the 216,000 frames at a rate of 15:1, basically dropping 14 out of 15 frames… its not likely going to look sharp at all

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    compusolver Wrote:

    Oh, I guess you could use the term ‘compress’, as in "time-compression"…

    that was my interpretation… Time compressing that much video down to 8mins would be ludicrous, IMHO, unless you do it as a "time lapse" video

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