Compositing Software for PC on a Budget

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Most prior topics on this are 8 months or older and was wondering if anyone has come across anything recent.

After Effects runs $900+. WAX needs video in AVIformat to work and it looks to be in 4:3.

If you are working in 16:9 and want to exlpore the art of keyframing, burning downyour neighborshouse, meteor shower in your city park, muzzle flash from your car's headlights, and other effects, do you know if there are any packages out there for the buget minded (and thin walleted) that might work? I am looking for something beyond those 30 day free trials that I can actually take my time learning.

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So far Adobe After Effect is the best PC video editing software I found to work with the PCs. I work a lot with green screen, the result comes out really realistic. And it is really easy. I had to purchase the license, but it already paid off multiple times, so I don't regret. There are many step by step tutorials available on youtube and other video related web sites. You cam learn really fast.

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AE is excellent as a "composting" tool for creating special effects, it is justifiably expensive, For that kind of power, you must expect to lay down the money!

You do not mention what editing software you currently have or how thin your wallet actually is which makes it difficult to give appropriate advice. You can doa great deal of "compositing" with Premiere Pro and FCP, even with Premiere Elements and FCE! The all can edit 16x9 and do keyframing and chroma keying. By adding stock footage, you certainly will be able to "burn down your neighbour's house"!

If you gave us a better sense of what you currently have for software, and exactly what you would like to achieve....

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I have done some very good (and relatively easy) compositing work (chromakey, luminance key, mattes, etc...) with Vegas Pro alone and most (if not all) of these features are available on their sub $100 Movie Studio Platinum Edition which will do this in HD (up to 1080p) or SD (NTSC or PAL).

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I have only played with their demo, but FXHome Composite Lab Pro looks like a less-expensive alternative to AE. But, like AE, there seems to be a pretty steep learning curve - without the high price tag.

Anyone else here try FXHome?