Composite Lab Pro Software or other software?

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      Composite Lab Pro Software

      I’ve been reading some about it, and it does alotof things that could be helpful with CHromakey. The price is around 150.00, best price I’ve found.

      I understand you can build virtual sets with it, and other things.

      Anyway,any suggestions of comments on the software would be appreciated. I’vebought enough stuff that sucks, don’t need more.

      I got to thinking maybe I should have just asked for some pointers on good software for working with chromakey and keying.

      The FXHOMEsoftwarelooks good, but by the time you get the composite lab pro and the chromkeying softwware youhave spent a tidy sum of money.

      I’m not balking at spending the money to have good chromakey.There may be an overall better software that does alot more and still does everything from FXhome, even if the price is higher.

      I’m very new at this, and I’ve steady bought all thethings I need to produce good video over the pastseveral months.I’ve been careful to study about all the components and things. Yesterday, I ordered a boom typelight for getting the light shiningdown from above on the back ofthe actors head. Thereason I mentoned the head light, well… justto confirm that I have tried to carefully address the things I need to docompetentvideo work.

      Everyone here has been a great help, and I can’t wait to get my first copy of the videomaker magazine. This site has been an ENORMOUS help, and along with these forums I couldn’t have asked for more support.


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