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      hey guys — so i’m a musician who is going to do a DVD of a studio recording session. this will be all original stuff in a documentary style, made for the purpose of getting work in my local market… i’ll be sending them out to many folks and generally leaving them in select locations for free to have maximum effect.

      i will most likely be using a professional editor to produce the final cut (an aquaintance from a previous advertising day job), so to speak, but i’m wondering about advice for the shoot. Can i get by using, say, a film student at a university to shoot? or do i need to hire someone to get a professional quality look and feel? i was planning on renting 2 cameras for angles and using an older Sony DV cam for yet another possibility. is that feasible to ‘mix’ shots from 2 different chipsets and lenses basically? or would that take too much time from the editing/editor to make a seamless look?

      any other general videography advice on this particular setup? inside, natural lighting, don’t necessarily want to pay for lighting rental or professional videography. can i do it and come out with a decent documentary style product worthy of distribution (not sale, but for PR), knowing that in the end, the performance and sound is the focal point?

      thanks for any advice. this is not a challenge to flame the newbie! πŸ™‚

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      God bless newbies!!
      But you sound more like a person wanting video shot and not a newbie wanting to do the shooting. X-D

      Lighting can make or break your production so please keep that in mind.
      Even natural lighting has to be thought out to get the best images.

      Many people have used two different types of cameras in production but you’ll never know it with good editing and good lighting.

      Your idea about using a film student is not bad because they will/should have some basic skills that will only work in your favor.
      If you are going to have someone else shoot your video just look at some of their work first and communicate what you want/need up front. That will save much time and money in the long run.

      Oh, did I tell you that lighting is important? 8)

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      General rule of thumb with matching shots from two cameras is to keep the cameras the same make and model. That should give you the best results. Make sure you white balance the cameras (something you’re film student or pro will now about) and you do that after you have set up your lighting. Lighting… remember that word. But, also don’t forget audio. Which might be your expertise, I’d imagine. Also remember to drink your Ovaltine.

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      as always with a learning curve not in my field, and after talking to friends and aquaintances who know a little more, i think i will get some help in the videography phase. maybe try to do some kind of trade for expertise. i want this to be a more film-like production with a little sophistication, and absolutely have nothing in common with the horrible ‘instructional videos’ that most musicians make.

      thanks for the tips. i think you gave me just enough to push me in the direction of getting more help… from guys like you!!

      thanks again. great forum/community.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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