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      I am the proud owner of 2 Sony HDV camears. I have the HVR-Z1U and the HVR-A1U. I am looking to get a third camera but can’t decide what to get. I have my eyes on two particular units. The Canon XL-H1 and the Panasonic AG-HVX200. I want the best bang for the buck. I am wondering about the quality of the video and the shots matching up without much Post tweaking. I was thinking of using the new camera as the main video source and the others for cut-away shots. I will be shooting all kinds of event videography such as Weddings to Live concerts. I am very happy with the quality from the HVR-Z1U but the video is hard to match from the A1U. Probably because the A1U has a MUCH smaller Lens than the 72mm Lens of the Z1U. If you had a choice between these two cameras, or another camera with the same price range, What would YOU get?

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