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      Hi, what I wonder is, when I do the final rendering in Sony Vegas, does that video file go under the licensing terms of the software it was created by? More specifically, what license agreements or terms does the video I just created go under?

      If anyone wants to know, I’m wondering this because I then upload these videos to youtube and earn money on the videos. To be able to do that I need the commercial rights to the video.

      So basically my big question is, do I have the commercial rights to the videos I create using Sony Vegas Pro 10? If I do, does anyone have a link to these License Agreements where it says this?

      Any help is much appreciated!

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      I have never heard of issues with that. Besides, once a video is completed – how do you know what editing software was used?

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      doublehamm is correct. I know a lot of Vegas users, myself included, that have produced material for commercial use and have never worried about it.


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      Well youtube said this:


      To assist us in processing your submission for monetization, we would like
      for you to provide us with more information regarding the license
      agreement for the visuals (software) contained in your video.
      Specifically, we need for you to confirm that you have been cleared to use
      the aforementioned material for commercial purposes. You may e-mail us
      this information as an attachment or provide us with a direct link to the

      If you would like to monetize videos that contain visuals from or created
      from software, please refer to our Monetization FAQs at



      Here is an example of one of my videos if you’d like to check it out:

      The way I understand it, they want to know if I have the commercial right to use the content in my video, which is content created using Sony Vegas Pro 10. But I have no idea on how to do this when Sony’s licensing agreement doesn’t mention anything about it??

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      …they want to know if I have the commercial right to use the content in my video…

      That’s all they care about.

      …which is content created using Sony Vegas Pro 10.

      They don’t care if you did it with Windows MovieMaker, iMovie or an Etch-a-Sketch. All they care about is the fact that you own or have paid for the rights for all content used in the video.


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      Thanks, never saw it that way!

      But as I create everything in my videos on my own, I still need some way to prove that I have all the rights to use my content commercially. If you where in my situation and had to prove that you owned all the rights to a video, what would you do?

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      Write a short email saying that I created all the material in my video and that I therefore owned and have copyrighted all the rights to the material.

      What more?


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      I suspect they are asking for this in response to your answers to questions they asked when you uploaded. That is, does your video contain any images (not video, but pictures, etc.) that you added to it.

      I agree with jackwolcott and rs170a. They don’t care about Vegas. They only care that you have the right to use the cartoons in your video.

      Write a short blob about how you drew them and created them and no one else has the rights to them (assuming that’s true) and you should be fine. That’s what I do.

      Their use of the word “software” is unfortunate and misleading. Sony does not have any rights to what you create, just like Adobe doesn’t have rights to what I create in Premiere Pro. Youtube just wants to make sure YOU have the rights to what you created.

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      Ok, thank you! That’s the answer I was looking for!

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       David, I’ll throw this out there to see if someone might have an idea. I noticed a representation of two logos: McD and google. Do this type of cartoon displays need releases? I also wonder if the text used in the video which is included with the software needs to be licensed. I don’t have answers just questions.

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