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      These are my comments on the Videomaker, January 2005, Test Bench Mix It Up! which covered the Nady SRM-10X.

      My perspective is as a complete novice to mixers. My first question isnt about the review itself but, generally speaking, is how do I know if I need a mixer much less this mixer? I understand the concept generally of taking sound inputs from one or more sources, applying the mixers technology, and then sending the results out the other end, but on a practical level what would be an example of a need? Is this the case where if I cant say why I need a mixer then I dont need a mixer? We used to tell corporate pc users something like that way back when Windows NT was first released. Does Videomaker have a resource that speaks to the basics of mixers and their use; perhaps some past article? If so, why not reference it or include a little sidebar. I realize this is a review but some perspective would be useful to me.

      I read the article through several times and parts of it are just over my head but I can live with that because I suspect an experienced audio person is probably happy or wishing for more. Im glad you called Nady on their wiggly sliders. I would like to have seen an evaluation of the user manual. Also, is this a portable mixer or does it get plugged in? I appreciated putting the Nadys value in perspective with regard to cost. Maybe some day you can do a comparison article with several different mixers going head to head.

      I rated this article on-line but wanted to expand a little. Thanks for listening.

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