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      These are my comments on Audio Isolation! in the Videomaker, January 2005, Sound Advice column.

      I found the column useful. I own headphones that I purchased for just such a purpose. I now resolve to always (try to) keep them on. Ive already caught myself with the mic off a couple of times. Usually I take them off after a little sound check but Ill try keeping them on or give them to someone else who can if possible. The author gave a lot of good examples of why they’re valuable tools.

      The sidebar about not using them for editing makes a lot of sense and is very useful.

      The one thing I thought could have been added would have been to say the make and model that the author uses or recommends. I think someone who doesnt have a pair would find that useful.

      I rated this article on-line but wanted to expand a little. Thanks for listening.

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