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Hi guys,

Having spent all my life working for fat cat corporations and lining
their pocketsI've, decided to have a try at going it alone and in the
process of setting up my new venture in video editing Digital Media

I'm looking for feedback on our new website Digital Media Moments

Any comments or critisisms are more than welcome and I really appreciate your thoughts.


YouTube Channel

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DMM, I really like your site and believe it should be successful for you as long as you included meta tags and some SEO. The one thing that caught my eye was the testimonials on the lower right of the page. Nice job.

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You have a dead link at the bottom of your pages "Order"

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About Us

Creative video editing is an art form in which our team has (not have unless this is U.K. English vs American slaughtered English) many years of experience.

The website looks good, but it really needs every nook and cranny crawled over. The dead link, the wording I mentioned above (there was another wording item somewhere on the site I passed by glancing through the site), just little details that need some housekeeping.

Love the whole idea of your service.

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 From a purely visual design standpoint, I love the color scheme. The only thing that looked a little odd was the bullet points not being aligned with the text that follows on the "How it works" and "Order" pages. Maybe there could be a way to do those without bullet points to keep everything lined up nicely. The other thing is maybe centering the row of links at the bottom of each page. Since the graphic behind it has a centered hot spot, it seems like the links text should be centered to line up with it. Aside from those two little things, I think the site looks beautiful.