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      Hey guys haven’t been on here for a verry long time, is those time of the years were we are getting ready for our freakin finals but anway many things have been going on, and here is what i’ve been working on recently. My freind had a plan of making a splinter cell trailer for his literature class and ask for me to help and this is what we came up with hope you enjoy. peace out.


      Ok if you guys didn’t like that one verry much what about this one?

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    Forgot one more thing the time elapse of the dead mole, flower, and clouds are stock footage, i just color correct them and splice them into different order to match with the song. but basically i shot all the other stuff for the video for that 2nd one. Hope you like

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    Common now you could be brutal, am ready for it.

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    alright! the first video was pretty good – for an english class πŸ˜›

    As always, your editing is very good, something I somewhat admire. I thought the way you incorperated scenes from the videogame into the video was very well done. They fit together very well.
    How did you do that? Analog capture from a video game consule?

    Some things that I think would make the video a little better would be:
    -First off, it looks very unsaturated; the colors look kinda dead. It may be youtube, or your camera, but the color doesn’t look very solid. In the beginning, this helps fit the look of your video with the game’s video, but after you transition from the game to your video, I think some more saturation would be pleasing.
    Were you trying to shoot "day for night"?
    -To heighten the suspense, it would be cool to have more CU’s of Sam’s actions, the guards, and etc. Perhaps an XCU of the talent’s eyes and the guard’s eyes. Also, see if you can get a shallower depth of field (you know, aperture and focal length). That would give it a more gripping appearance in my opinion, otherwise, nice work, and keep on showing us your videos. πŸ™‚

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    Thanks Spencer for your critique, I actually desaturated the color by 50% of the actual footage I shot then I added a very dark greenish, blueish color to give it a mood of gloomness and a glow for heroism. hahaha for my 2nd video I know you didn’t want to say it, is not verry impressive I know that, most people did not like it I dont know why though. Is it the kinda of music they dont like? Huh? I can never know why. But I think people would understand the video better if they read or saw the movie "Fight Club" there are aloott more behind the violence. The film amazed me and still did, Chuck Palahniuk have such a mind to create such duo characters is amazing.

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    hmmm. I wonder what it would look like without the desaturation and the color corrections… I don’t know, it looked like I was looking through a "gray filter."
    I actually like the second video, but like you were saying, I didn’t really understand it, other than being colorful and pretty. πŸ™‚

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    I think it look like a filter cuz I add the low value too high my friend like the look so hey what can you do, I actually like to play with the high value it seem more natural if i ever used low value I would use very little. I wish I could upgrade full quality here. But anyway If you have not seen fight club I highly recomend you seeing it. Chuck Palahnuik have an amazing mind.

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    sorry, in the earlier post I ment to say, "without the desaturation but still have the color effects."

    Yup, I know what you mean by "lifting the blacks." Typically, I like to crush the blacks just a tad, to get a darker, more contrasted film-like look. Obviously you must know a bit more about what your doing that I, after seeing all the effects in your many videos. (Well done by the way. All the rotoscoping and other advanced effects in your videos are great, and something I want to become better at.)

    I’ll have check out "Fight Club" πŸ˜€ Thanks for the suggestion

    -oh yeah, I forgot to add –

    Next time, if your taping another spy type of movie, I think shots through windows, through bushes (having a couple branches out of focus in the foreground), and through other hiding/stealthy places would add to the scene.

    And before the scene with the security camera, it would of been nice to see a camera panning on the garage. For an English class video, I don’t know if your budget would encompass that, but maybe some sort of mock-up. Or at least show the security camera footage, so it would be more obvious to the viewer what the sleeping guy was supposed to be watching.

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    man I wish we live close, we group up pitch in some money, and make a feature lenght movie or sumtin my crew and your crew, the more the better. Hey dude you got msn or aol?

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