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      Hey all, I am editing my wedding and have different folders for the different events through out the wedding. I need to know how to edit these different projects on one timeline. Please Help!~


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      Hey Tim, What NLE program are you using? Most of them have an ‘Import’ function which allows you to import video, music, jpegs etc. from any number of folders. For instance in Sony Vegas Pro, go to ‘File’, select ‘import’ then browse to the hard drive or folder where your files are. Then double click on the individual files and they will open in the media manager.

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      It’s iMovie 11. I have been exporting them onto my desktop and then dragging them into a new folder. Hoping this works out


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      Hi Tim,

      I’m not familiar with iMovie, but based on your info, is there a reason you can’t edit your project as 3 timelines – one timeline for each wedding event? This is typically how you’d handle a large project in post anyway. You break it up into logical chunks.

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