Combining 5 projects/Movies…help please

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      <p class=”postcolor” id=”post-258934″>Hi,

      I am fairly new to Magix even though I have had MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 14 PLUS for some time. Could I therefore ask for some help please.

      I have edited 5 videos and each has its own chapters and menus.

      I am now ready to burn our my first hi-def disk.

      I would like to put these 5 videos onto one disk (assume they should fit), if not as many as possible.

      However, I would like a Master menu at the front so I can fselect and go to Movie 1, Movie 2 etc and then access the menu page for the cahpters to that video.

      Is that possible to do please and if so would someone be kind enough to offer a layman’s guide as to how to do it.

      It is actually fairly urgent and any help would be very much appreciated.

      Many thanks

      Ray <!–IBF.ATTACHMENT_258934–>

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