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      I am trying to get 2 external sound signals into my camcorder (panasonic PVGS 180) as a stereo signal. One signal is from a vocal mic. The other is from my acoustic guitar pick-up). I am currently feeding both signals separately into a Mackie Mixer (dfx 6). Without going into details, I have managed to get the levels set right – that is the signal levels coming out of the mixer are appropriate for the camcorder. My main problem is getting the two separate output signals into the camcorder as a stereo signal. The camcorder accepts an external 1/8" stereo mic plug. I already have a (1/4" stereo jack)-to-(1/8" stereo plug) adapter. So the only thing I need is some sort of adapter to combine the 2 separately panned mono signals (each coming from the tip of a 1/4" mono plug) from the mixer into a single 1/4" stereo plug. I can imagine some sort of Y-connector where the double-end accepts the 2 mono signals and the single end is the stereo jack. The left signal would go to the tip and the right signal would go to the ring (as usual). However, after searching Radio Shack’s website and the web in general, I have not seen such a adapter or cable. Am I missing something? How do most people combine 2 signals on 2 separate cables into one stereo signal on a single stereo cable?

      Thanks in advance.


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