Combine wireless and wired microphones into camcorder?

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      Camcorder – Sony DCR-HC30 consumer grade camcorder with mic jack. Question – Can I plug a simple RadioShack type splitter into the camcorder mic jack to input an Azden VHF Wireless receiver AND a Sima wired battery powered mike – at the same time? Purpose – to record the audio from the distant subject and from the camera operator at the same time. I am concerned about the amount of power into the mic jack from both the wireless receiver and the wired battery powered mike. The battery in the Sima mike is probably a 1.5 volt. I don’t know the output power of either device.

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      I’ve done exactly that with a sony wireless lav mic and another cheaper mic.
      you’ll get left and right channels and be able to adjust both channels independantly in your editor.
      works ok but I bet some would find the results substandard.

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