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      I want to combine 2 different aspect ratios into 1 project. I use studio 9 plus. It will allow me to add both into 1 project however it will strech the 4:3 or squash the 16:9. I want to use the 16:9 but do not want to strech my 4:3. Is there any way to add black bars to the sides of my raw 4:3 footage so studio thinks it is 16:9. I have been shooting video for many many years and have tons of 4:3 video (even 8mm film) but also have lots of 16:9. I have no problem upgrading to a better editing software. But I will not upgrade to a newer studio. I also have lots of Rab-Byte animations and backgrouds, of witch most are for luma key so I would like software that does both luma and chroma key. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks U.M.

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      I would suggest Adobe’s editing software. Chroma and luna are parts of that.

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      vegas pro

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