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      HI there, i have captured some test videos from a Panasonic camcorder to my laptop via DV card with Window Movie Maker. While it was capturing, the preview looked normal. Then i saved the file and reviewed again with Window Media Player, the colours are all wrong eg skin is green, black chair is red in colour. What happened?
      However if i used the software (the one that came with the DV card) to capture and save the file, the pictures are okay. The only difference i can find is the files are saved in different format ie WMA or video clip.
      Lastly how can i change the file format to AVI in Window Media Maker? Thank you for helping a ‘newie’.

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      HI everyone,
      FYI. We eventually found out what went wrong. The versions of Window Media Maker and player are of different. After we updated both versions online, problem solved! sometimes, things are like this. All are part of the fun in making home videos. Cheers, Micky

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      Hey Mickey,,
      Watch out for the video bug… You’ll get caught by the I want bigger and better bug.
      Have fun with Widows media maker.
      When your ready for bigger and better things, come back to the forum to help sort out wich way you would like to go in a better editing program.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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