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      I edit video with Premiere Pro. I also do ABroll for some events but we also have a guy that does ABroll on a Sony DFS-300 DME Switcher that has a Pattern\KeyPad that he uses to add effects as the video rolls.

      One of the effects he uses seems very simple but I can’t get it to come out smoothly in Adobe like he does on the Switcher.

      You can see in the clip I uploaded to show you (link below) how the color of the clip changes and how the change is nicely blended.

      I tried to achieve this in Premiere with all kinds of filters. I tried with the "Three Way Color Correcter" and chose "master", I tried the Hue and Saturation, I tried "tint" and all kinds of color filters but either I get the color changing on only parts of the clip (not the whole clip getting the tint) or not a good blend of colors.

      Please look at the clip and tell me how you would do this in Premiere. (Don’t mind the crop. It’s not seen on a TV screen)


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