Color Grading without Pro Res

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      Okay, for all you PC based editors who are lamenting that Apple’s Pro Res doesn’t come in ‘PC’ flavor, it’s no big deal. Magic Giant’s ‘Magic Bullet Looks’ Color Grading software has been around for a good while and though you may hear some pro’s bellyache about ‘how it all looks the same’ are correct if you only use the preset looks provided. DoP and filmmaker Phillip Bloom’s recent short film was color graded on a laptop with MBL and FCP (MBL also comes in PC flavor so don’t fret.) In his video he gives a demo/tutorial on how he did it and I must say he got a very impressive look by just putting some tweaks in a preset. Imagine what you could achieve if you used the software to design your own unique look! Check it out….

      Grading “Return to Dungeness” with Magic Bullet Looks from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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