Color Festival Video (a 5K run)

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      I would love to have some constructive helpful feedback on this film I just shot and edited. It is of “The Color Run” which is basically a 5K run where all the participants dress in white and onlookers throw colored chalk on them as they go by! It’s an enthusiastic, fun crowd as you’ll see.

      I went down and filmed the event, no special access or anything – and I’d love any thoughts on what you think, what works, what I can improve on (in production and post). Thanks guys πŸ™‚

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      Nick, outstanding video man, I like how you timed the dancing to the music. The only criticism I can give but would not know how to pull off with all the chalk flying around is to keep the lens cleaner. It really looked like a great time. Keep up the good work and keep shooting.

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      Very good, How did you keep your lens clean? keep doing more work of this quality

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      I just tried to wipe the lens after every shot when I was in the thick of it. You could still see it in some shots, yeah. And actually the biggest problem was the chalk getting into the camera itself. A tape jammed at one point and I had to switch tapes. There were some videographers at the event who had DIY plastic wrapped around their camera to prevent this.

      Thanks for the thoughts guys.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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