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      I am a student at the University of Florida and I am looking to purchase a camera to start experimenting with my own films. The three cameras that seem to best fit my price range and experience are Canon’s GL2 and Sony’s HDR-HC1 and DCRVX2100. While the GL2 and DCR-VX2100 seem to be higher caliber cameras than the HDR-HC1, the HDR-HC1 seems to cater to the filmmaker market and also provide HD quality. Obviously, I can’t afford an HD tv, hddvd player, etc. so HD wouldn’t be an advantage for probably a year or two…. So the question is, with my current situation in mind, would I be foolish to forego HD for a more upscale and maybe obsolete camera? If so, which would be the better choice?

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      I would not suggest and HD, mostly for one reason:

      It is not definate that either HD or Blueray are going to make is as the standard media format.

      Also If you are new to filmmaking you might want to get a cheaper camera than something like a GL2. When I was in college I bought a Canon Optura Xi, which is kinda hard to find these days. They allow for a lot of manual control, which keeping the more complex stuff simplified. It is a great camera and is really good for someone who is new to filmmaking. It goes for less than $1000 these days and it will last you until you are ready for a better camera. It is a mini dv but it does really great animorphic 16:9 shooting.

      I still use mine. and I can definatly say it is worth the money. Evnetually you would want to save up money and get a much nicer camera. I am going to be getting an XL2. I am skipping the HD for now because it is jsut not a viable format, and honestly it may not become one for home entertainment.

      Since you are new and are wanting to experiment, get a cheap camera that gives manual control and then look into buying a good NLE. I got Vegas when I was in school for around $300, with academic discount. Just remember, when it comes to films. the camera is a very small part of the equation. If you need more info let me know. I am pretty much an exclusive indie-film hobbyist

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      While I feel the VX2100 is a great camera (one I would love to have), if you’re going to be spending that much money, you may want to spend a little more and go for a Sony HVR-A1U – It’s not a three chip but will do HDV. I would suggest you go to a reputable store in your locale and hold them in your hands and see how you like the feel/features – Then buy online from a reputable but reasonably priced source.

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      If you don;t mind me asking, FL_gator what is your budget, not just for the camera, but overall. I know that as a college student you are probably dirt poor and living off cold pizza and ramen. So are you saving up all your hard earned cash to buy a camra, or what? The budget is a very important thing to know, and knwoing your budget can help. It looks like you are looking at a $2500 – $3000 price range for the camera, do you already own all the other equipment you will need?

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      i am a college student in a similar problem, personally id suggest one of the panasonic 3-ccd cameras, ive been looking at the gs180, because it seems to be a nice camera and its under 500 bucks. its got the color quality of something professional camera say a vx 2100 or gl1, but its about a quarter of the price. the only problem ive heard about it it is supposed to be pretty bad in low light situations better for outdoor.

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