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      Im considering getting in the field of cameraman for on set films or news or whatever. But i don’t know if i want to go through college. Is a certificate from a technical school sufficient? Any good schools in nj/ny

      How is the jobmarket???? main question.. i need a career. I did everything else( computer technician-no jobs etc.

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      Seth… I’ll give you 2 options. First I would say if you want to work for News or film you may need to go to school due to there requirements! I’m not sure what the demand is but for that I would say school would be cool!

      Now the 2nd option I would pass to you is to be your own boss. Start a video company and make videos for businesses and clients. You can do weddings, marketing videos, the list is endless. All you need to do is get some editing software, a computer, and for starters a nice DV camera(to learn videos) Once you learn how to create videos then you can get better equipment and market yourself! It’s not hard, trust me I knew nothing about video. You can do this part-time and still go to school if you choose!

      Whatever you choose stick with it! There is potential!

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      Push Play I think I should be asking you this question. I am a complete newbie. You mentioned the list goes on and on when it comes to what videos you can shoot. What other videos are you able to shoot besides weddings? Can you make a list for me. I know this is very open question but I am considering to do this full time and want to know all possible means of income that is available to me.


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