Cold weather, Vx2000 any problems?

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      Does anyone have any experiance shooting with this cam in colder weather, its supposed to be 40 degrees, with a low of 20 on the day im talking about shooting outdoors.

      Should i expect any problems, or future problems due to the cold weather conditions this day.

      Thanks for your imput.


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      You should expect problems with any camera at that temp, if you don’t take some precautions.

      You’ll need to aclimate your gear, so leave it in the outdoor temp for a good half hour before you start shooting. Remember not to have a tape loaded in the VX when you do this. Expect a slow focus and zoom ring.

      If you can , try to keep your batteries warm. They don’t last as long when cold.

      You can also wrap your camera in a coat to insulate it. Since the cam puts off some heat, you should be able to trap some.

      Good luck,


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