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      Hey all,

      New to the Videomaker forum, but I’ve exhausted my patience (after 3 solid sessions) searching the net for help.

      I’m working in FCP5 and having enormous difficulty exporting a small internet (emailable) freindly version of a 15sec clip.

      The new H.624 codec works wonders as far as image quality goes, but after 8-9 attempts using various settings the clip still won’t play after being emailed to a PC (even when the reciever has the latest Quicktime player – the sound plays through with a blank white image)

      In a nut shell I’m looking for a way to compress the clip to a small file size(main priority), but wish to maintain as much quality as possible… any help will be greatly appreciated!


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      Have you tried exporting it as an AVI file? Unsure as to whether or not it will compress the file, but I use the AVI file to export my FCP projects for clients. Make sure you set the video compressor to DV quality settings, otherwise it will be grainy and splotchy.
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      Get Sorenson Squeeze. It offers several compressing methods, so you can try them and see which one gets the best result.

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      Thanks to both of you,

      I have exported with the AVI option… the delema: 4:3 image instead of 16:9 – now there is an animorphic (tick the box) option with some codecs, but even when used I still end up with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

      I have hunted down a trial version of sorenson squeeze, but I’m trying to aviod spending anymore money – it seems that lately eveytime I go to do something I have to buy another item of software to be able to achieve the result I’m chasing. Surely with the entire Final Cut Studio, you should be able to achieve a quality export for the net???????

Viewing 3 reply threads
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