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      A bit surprised there aren’t more posters here!! I’m currently working with two GH1’s now, and I have to say, these camera’s are the cats meow. Outfield fitted with the kit lens, a wonderfull all purpose, with absolutely silent and fast auto-focus. Nearfield fitted with the panny 20mm f1.4..a spectacular wide and low light piece, although admittinglyAF is slow and loud on this one. Gorgouse shots make up for it.Now, only my first one was hackable, but most of what I shoot is 720, so not an issue. And my philosophy with all equipment, is to stick with OEM, so generic batteries would never be an issue.

      To say the audio is lacking, is an understatement, but we know this to be true with most camera’s, not to mention just DSLR’s. Having been involved with audio-recording for decades, I would have just as soon preferred they skipped the onboard mic’s all together, if not for sync necessityfor my Sony PCM-D50’s.

      Lastly, I was initially put off to what seemedPannies rushed to market GH2,but even with it’s biggest plus ofraw direct out, theapparent cheaper build quality, and button lay-out lose me. And audio-meters? Meh..it’s STILL agc, so quite useless for anything other then scratch track.

      I love these camera’s.They’re seemingly indestructable, for a guerilla shooter, the video quality is on par with most pro gear,they seem to love any and all lenses, and shootspectacular stills. They’re small, light, so carrying two kits, including the PCM-D50’s, mics,and all accessories, still appear as nothing more then my underware bag, when traveling ( a critical detail, in my eyes, rarely mentioned )..So c’mon lumix users, pipe up here!!

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      Hi adddibrux. Thanks for the GH1 rave. Any thoughts about the G2. I want a DSLR that will give me some good portrait stills and record long video interviews for video oral history work.

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      I use a GH1 (actually it is hacked so it is a GH13). If you have plenty of light, and a tripod, this camera is phenomenal. My partner and I have used these cameras for numerous professional productions, and plan to get the GH2 once a hack is available. The reason the cameras need the hack, is because unhacked, the GH1’s output at 1080p is 12-18 Mb/s, while the hacked GH1, or GH13, can get 40-50…75 Mb/s! These cameras do not do too well in low light, but if you have lighting, this is the way to go.

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      Amazing that I am only the fourth poster here. I am a GH2 shooter with a GH1 backup camera. Best interchangeable lens video cameras under $4000, period. Beautiful moire-free video, unlimited video shot time, 1080p/24fps/24mbps (GH2), continuous autofocus in video mode, absolutely silent autofocus (w the 14-140 kit lens) and more.

      To mscherrah — don’t wait for the GH2 to be hacked, if it fits your budget, go ahead and get it now — it will solve your low light problem!

      C’mon, Panasonic GH shooters, this is a Videomaker forum — and ours is a videomakin’ machine!

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      I did some shooting for the manitoba film training corp, with a Panasonic gh… the film director they had for the project described the cinematography for a couple scenes as “Iconic”… it is very easy to shoot good video with these cameras, I had never used one before…

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      That’s great, Don – congratulations! Any GH1 clips you can share? Enjoying your “Building a Studio” thread — lots of great information.



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      I bought a GH1 when it came out, and hacked it right away after the hackware got available.

      I’ve never used the GH1 for paid jobs, though…

      I love the camera very much, and I’m looking forward to use it for the future projects.

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      sorry Bill cannot share the clips NDA and copyright given to client. keep watching my series though, I am going to release more soon.

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       I also shoot with a GH1 (hacked), along with the GF1 and (Canon) HV20 as HD “b” and “c” cams.  The pre-hack GH1 had some pretty ugly fixed pattern noise in low light conditions… much better now though.

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      I recently got a GH2 for video purposes. Still learning the ropes, but I like it, in general. I shoot in the 24p mode, but my video looks sort of choppy, especially when things move quickly. What am I doing wrong?

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      human vision… my friend 24p was the slowest frame rate movie makers could use to save on film costs without the picture looking too choppy or jittery..faster frame rates resulted in using more rolls of film for each hour of footage.

      try shooting at 30 or 60 frames per second…

      why video shooter obsess over 24p to get that “Cinematic look” is beyond me…. digital video has now surpassed film for most uses…

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      Movie camera operators had to learn proper pan and tilt rates with the camera to overcome thisinherentchoppiness of 24 fps. Depending on the frame size being shot for, an object had to take so many seconds to cross the frame.

      Some of the tricks they used when they had to do fast pansinvolvedfollowing a subject so that your attention was not on the stuttering scenery in the backgrounds or foregrounds.

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      hi everyone. I am looking to adding the gh2 or gh3 when it comes out. I have 2 panasonic avchd camcorders. I am looking to add this as the “beauty” shot during the weddings. I will use a current camera for balcony, the second manned on tripod and the gh2 to get beauty shots durring the wedding. I would like to know my options on using fcp 7 with multicam. Can some one send me some video with this camera to try multicam edit?

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