Cloning in Movie Editor Pro 12

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      i have seen this video.

      MULTIPLE times it regards cloning in Movie editor 12 i have done everything in this video exactly as it says. Here’s my problem when i go to play this the video will start and and play until 4 seconds or so into it and will stop. While the audio is still playing i don’t get it.

      Did he leave something out he assumed everyone would know?

      I am using Windows XP is that my problem?

      Please help thanks

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      The tutorial is good, I didn’t notice anything left out. If it’s only playing 4 seconds is your end marker at 4 seconds? If so adjust it to the end of the clip(s).

      XP is not the probllem. Mep will handle this effect easily. Without seeing your screen and how you have it set up I cant advise you. But it sounds like maybe your end marker is stopping the video and the sound is trailing. Actually the end marker should stop all of it. What format are you exporting to?

      Study your timeline and look at 4 seconds, what changes at that point? You may can see what is going on.

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      THANK YOU that may have been the problem it works now but only one more small problem

      it only really played right once i exported it as a wma file could this be a RAM issue? my cpu only has 368 Ram

      i’ve got a ram stick on the way though

      or is it something else? it does work now though once exported idk why it wont play right in magix’s player though

Viewing 2 reply threads
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