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      I need to lower the audio as it is being captured…I’m not using an audio board so I need to use the clip settings in FCP, but they appear to be disabled and cannot be adjusted…I never had this problem before…any ideas?

      I’m capturing from a Sony DSR 250 camera if that matters but I don’t think so.

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      i don’t know off the top of my head; never had to do that before. If you can’t figure it out, just capture it and lower the dB in post. If your audio is distorted and you’re thinking that lowering it before capture will fix it, it won’t. If it was recorded distorted, then you’re stuck with it.

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      The audio is not over modulated to the point of distortion….if it was I wouldn’t even bother. The point of clip settings is to improve efficiency by allowing the user to mildly correct color and audio as it captures, thus saving time in post. It can be a rather useful feature.

      Thanks anyways.



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      OK… I found the answer…for those who care and/or those who attempt to use this feature; clip settings can only be utilized while capturing via an analog connection. So if you’re capturing via firewire, it won’t work.

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