Clients want copyrighted music.

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      I have a client that desires to have copyrighted music in the video content that I shoot and edit for her. I try out music in Garageband and other methods of free music but I know she wants certain songs to go along with the videos she imagines.

      Although I am getting paid by her to do these videos, they are only going on her YouTube and YouTube usually recognizes the song and (to make things fair) puts an add for the particular song below the video. She knows this and is still fine with using copyrighted music.

      With that said, is the fact that YouTube allows viewers to buy the song enough to say that I’m good with copyright infringement? I am making profit but the writer/artist might be making profit too.

      Please help!

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      Have you contacted the record labels to ask permission or find out what the royalty payment would be?

      I have posted videos with copyrighted music, but not for profit, and I am okay with the Youtube ads.

      Here is some info on Youtube’s site:


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      While I doubt anyone is gonna come after you, you ALWAYS run the risk of the PENALTIES of copyright infringement. Perhaps yu should print the penalties/fines section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and let your client know what they are risking.

      There are also sound-alikes in the royalty-free world that can be had (Digital Juice had a couple of StackTraxx libraries that sounded just like the pop 40 originals and SmartSound has some as well).

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      I once shot an entire play with 6 camera positions to produce as a video, after shooting i found that the producers of the play had used copyrighted music from a major motion picture in the play, I explained the problem to them and they wanted to go ahead anyway. I eventually declined to produce the video. I cost me and the producers anguish and money, but I have no regrets now about this decision

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      You are getting paid, one-time, by the Client. Nothing to do with the Artist. Make sure the Client puts in writing that they are supplying you with the audio for the project, and possess the requisite copyright permission, or if they do not, accept all responsibility and liability for not doing so. You are then covered. She is making a bad decision, but in this way you have made sure that you are protected.

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      I agree with birdcat. I do not use copyrighted music because the risks do exist. There is a host of quality free music and royalty free as well available to us now… thankfully πŸ™‚

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