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      A while back, Video Chick had a post about ‘Client’s from Hell’. Here’s a humorous account from Stephan Sargent and his ‘Client from Hell’.

      If you’ve been doing this for a living or you plan to you have had or will have such encounters. Share your ‘pain’ and hopefully we’ll all have a good laugh.

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      That was hilarious… and yes, I’ve definitely had too many clients like that. In my opinion its best to just “cut the cord” as soon as you realize it’s going to be more frustration than it’s worth.

      Most of us videographers work for ourselves, and therefore, we shouldn’t have to work with people that irritate us… it’s just bad for business =P

      On the other hand, most of my clients are awesome people, and I have no problem “going the extra mile for them”. Work with people that you enjoy working with, and you’ll never work a day in your life =)

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      Welcome aboard. Glad you enjoyed the article. Having done this for a while I find it so much better when I reach the point when I can laugh at an experience with an SoH type client. In my mind, client’s are like girlfriends; some you will do everything you can to keep them happy and others you wished you’d never met!

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