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      I’d been having this question since day 1. I used to have a mini tape (DV tape) Panasonic (i can’t recall the name of the camcorder), that if i hook up the AV cable from the camcorder to TV, the quality of the video is nice. But when i transfer it (using video capture on firewire cable to PC) and burn it on DVD, i notice a degradation on the video quality (notice a wash out colors). Fine, at first i thought it could be the video transfer that causing the video quality degradation.

      Then i bought a full HD Canon HG10 camcorder. I thought with digital recording (meaning no more tape -> video capture -> PC) the video quality would be maintain till i burn the video on DVD. But i was wrong. I use the Vegas Platinum software for the editing. What should i do to maintain the video quality to the DVD???

      Some might say i need HD DVD to get the full HD look. But it might not be true, as i have a DVD wedding a friend of mine that has a very clear video quality on DVD (and i watch it on my plasma TV 720px) vs my own video (that i shot on Canon HG10) that i burn to DVD.

      Could this be the editting software? Or the way that i convert the files?? I even tried to burn the raw files (.MTS files) straight away to DVD using Ulead DVD Factory, but i still get a not-so-nice DVD quality.

      Any help ? Appreciate it

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      When you transfer the movie to your computer is the quality good?

      Watch it with Windows Media Player and see what the quality is.

      If it’s not good, then there’s a problem with the transfer.

      When you create your DVD also make sure that your settings are for HIGH quality

      It takes a bit longer, but you’ll get better results.

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      what format did you capture to in your computer, what settings did you use to encode for dvd? there could be a multitude of issues that gave you ‘lackluster’ results.


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      You may be digitizing at a quality level lower than full NTSC DV in .AVI files. Are you using Vegas to import the digital video?

      I’m also wondering what the video looks like on your preview monitor. I assume you are already aware that Vegas will send the preview out the Firewire (IEEE 1394) port. Now since a monitor that has a a firewire input would cost a fortune, just connect your camera to the computer, then in PLAY mode you can use the AV out of your camcorder to put your video on an actual monitor. Then you can actually judge the quality of the video. If you hook the camcorder to the monitor while you import the video, you will see exactly what you are sending the computer. Then turn around and watch the video in Vegas. If you see any difference now, you can be certain it is the digitizing process.

      However if the video looks the same as it did going in, your problem lies in either your editor settings. Or possibly you are compressing too much for your DVD. While Vegas Platinum has extraordinary coloring control, all you may need to do is push up the saturation 10-15%. But before you start adjusting colors, you gotta use a full screen monitor. It’s the only way to know what is going on.

      Hope this helps. (Hey I just realized your video is already digitized. Still, unless you watch the same video from both sources on the same monitor, you won’t be able to rule out an editor setup error. It might be with the way you are authoring the DVD’s. Do you get a full 16:9 image from the DVD? Try burning a DVD with like 5 or 10 minutes of color bars and evaluate them on your plasma.) There’s a lot more possibilities, but you’ve got to locate exactly where your lose your image quality. Let me know if this doesn’t narrow the possibilities some.

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      When i burn the DVD, i selected the 4:3 setting. If select 16:9, it’s like watching a wide screen movie on a wide screen movie (the movie is vertically shrinked), thus making everybody looks shorter on screen. I will try to burn a DVD of color bars, i think i see this somewhere in the Vegas Platinum. Thanks for the input.

      Btw, a few questions just for my clarification:

      1) I’d converted the .MTS file to .AVI for my video editting. Is this the right video format to edit (i think my PC is too slow to do editting on HD video format).

      2) After the video editting, i will “make movie” to concat all the short video clips together into 1 .AVI file.

      3) Use ULEAD factory movie maker to burn it to DVD.

      My question is:

      1) is that a right way in making DVD?

      2) What is the best DVD movie maker (just to burn video to DVD)?

      3) Any software out there that can convert .MTS file to .AVI for editting (not sure if this conversion is the one that degrade the video quality)? Currently i’m using ULEAD factory movie maker that comes with Canon HG10 box.

      Thank you.

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      Make sure you are rendering the final video to MPEG2. (Either one video/audio stream or separate, doesn’t matter) If you’re using Vegas in the Custom selection make sure video quality is set to Best.


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      ULead is capable to walk you through entire process, starting with capture all the way to DVD burning. Make sure you are capturing in AVI mode, it is on the very bottom of the ULead Movie Factory capture selector window. All other modes work with motion compression capture modes, which may add to distorting your video.

      I have had problems with ULead products giving me hard time with burning, so I would recommend to use ImgBurn for that purpose instead.

      If you get positive results with ULead, which I believe should happen, then you may have some problems with Vegas settings.

      FAQ Video

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      I just want to tell you what I do and I’m always happy with the results I get. I use Standard Def. After editing I export my movie as a Quicktime file. Next I use an inexpensivesoftware called TMPG for converting the Quicktimeto MPEG 2. I use the Variable Bit Rate setting with 2 passes. Finally I author and burn with ULead DVD Workshop. I’ve always had excellent quality.

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      >>>>>>>>>After editing I export my movie as a Quicktime file.

      Won’t your editing software allow you to render to MPEG 2? Why do you go through this extra step? Which editing software do you use?

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