Clean video heads, not so clean footage

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      My church had opened a new location and wanted to do a quick video update on how things were going since the grand opening. I was unable to shoot the footage but was glad to edit whatever was shot. My pastor gave me the tape and asked that I have it ready by the following Sunday to show to the entire congregation of about 700. When I got home I was eager to edit the footage and get the project finished. To my dismay, I was holding a head cleaning tape labeled raw video footage! Needless to say, there was no footage. The only image on the tape was quite pixilated with no sound (It was worth checking out at least). So the project was delayed a week. I was able to shoot new footage the following Sunday and the resulting video turned out great! And yes, I did check to see that I had a real tape in the camera before the video shoot. This was one of the few times I was asked to edit video shot by someone else.

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      Not quite sure what to say about that one! Does the camera in question even have a head left?

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      These things happen.  Even in such an event where you know you won't be available for the actual shoot, it's helpful to provide a helpful checklist of do's and don'ts for others to follow; especially when novice videographers are involved.  That way the raw footage you have to work with for editing purposes will be up to your own quality standards. 



Viewing 2 reply threads
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