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      i have a question, i want to start shooting another indie in the future, but i want to do it guerilla style, i don’t have the money to pay for city permits, to expensive, how do i film this guerilla style without getting permits? is there anyway in the future i could get into trouble if someone see’s my film? i am not going to put street signs or city names in the movie? thanks


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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      Hi, Escobar…

      We have a similar question going along on this post:

      about interviewing people on the street that you might want to look at. I added some links to Videomaker legal stories that might help you.

      This story below addresses some of your questions about permits:

      Basically, every town is different. Some don’t expect you to pay for permits at all, they just want to know that you’re trying to go about it legally. Larger towns, like New York City, have rules that are strict and sometimes rigid. We know of many guerrilla producers that just go in and out stealth-like and have no problems, the road-blocks arise when you have to stop traffic, put yourself or the public in danger, have a full crew of equipment, and have crew-members that generally excel in making nuisances of themselves.

      Many cities actually invite filmmakers to use their streets as background, and you can call your local city hall and make queries.

      As for your question about getting into trouble if you use street signs or city names in your film if someone sees them – not likely. Even without permission, these are public areas and no one can completely control who has taken images of public signs. They can, however, give you grief if you make fun of that city, or business that is seen in the background.

      Check these What’s Legal articles for more help:

      Jennifer O’Rourke, Managing Editor – Videomaker

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      >>Many cities actually invite filmmakers to use their streets as background, and you can call your local city hall and make queries.

      Do yourself a favor and make a few inquiries before you go to start shooting. Your town may put the kibosh on filming, while a neighboring town might want you to come and film them. You just don’t know until you ask.

      And what do you want, anyway? You want to go in and do things to other people that they do not want done? How would you feel if someone did that to you? Is that the kind of a world you want to live in? These are just questions to think about.

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      Same response as to interviewing people on the streets.

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