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      I bought a Citidisk HDV (the120 GB modelFW1256H-120) last October and have had LOTS of problems with it. It is poorly designed and very unreliable. For example, if you accidentally shut off your camera before you stop recording with the Citidisk (or if the camera battery goes dead or if the IEEE cable comes out) you will not be able to recover any of the footage that you’ve just captured on the Citidisk unless you send it back to the manufacturer (Shining Technology) and they’re able to find the files with their special utility program. I shot a soccer game recently where this happened (i.e. I accidentally turned off the camera before I stopped recording with the Citidisk) and was unable to locate any of the footage when I later attached the Citidisk to my computer. I overnighted the device to Shining and they were able to locate about 40 minutes of the 60 minutes that I had shot, but unfortunately the other 20 minutes are gone forever. Worst of all, my camera tape had run out right when my client’s team scored their only goal of the game (and this was also part of the missing 20 minutes on my Citidisk) so now I have to explain to my client why I didn’t get it on video. Shining told me they would consider fixing this problem in the future but for right now it looks like all Citidisk owners will just have to learn to live with it. Incidentally, the Firestore FS-4 Pro that I own does not have this problem so I would definitely recommend buying a Firestore or another brand until Shining gets this fixed.

      To summarize, here are my gripes about the Citidisk:

      1. It loses some or all of your footage if something goes wrong.

      2. It comes with a very poorly written owner’s manual (its difficult to understand and does not warn you of the problem mentioned above).

      3. It has a battery switch separate from the main power switch that you have to remember to turn on and off each time you use it. Because the battery switch is very small and doesn’t have a light to warn you when it’s on or off it’s easy to forget about turning it off in order to prevent wearing out the battery. They should have designed the Citidisk so that the battery powers up automatically when you turn on the main power switch (just like most other electronic devices) rather than having 2 separate switches.

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