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      I’m interested in film grain scans to overlay over my 5d or GH2 and so far I’ve found the most positive feedback to be CineGrain?, could anyone recommend any other options or experience with CineGrain. I’ve downloaded the samples and I’m smitten.

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      Grinner Hester

      I like Genarts Sapphire Filmlook as it has far more handles and a plethera of other filters and generators.

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      Yeah I was looking at that one too but it says starting at $1,699? I just want the film grain overlay element.

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      I’ve used just the “Dust & Scratches” and “Noise” that just come with Premiere Pro with good results. I also love Andrew Kramer’s film look:

      These two are a lot less than $1,699 (although I think that’s for the whole package, but still!).

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      Yeah that video shows real grain being overlaid over the video which is what studio films are now doing with high quality grain like cinegrain. , I was wondering if someone else makes it? page has downloadable sample clips, that’s what I was looking for, a grain library, cinegrain’s sorta pricey,but at $299, when compared to $1699, it seems sorta cheap,

      thanks for that andrew kramer video pseudo safari. That’s exactly the technique I like too. I’ll let you know what I decide on.

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      Any news yet? IsSapphire better than Magic bullet for film grain or are they all about the same?

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      Grinner Hester

      I like Sapphire because of everything else it offers but magic bullet can give you a film motion look without stacking any effects or motion clips. All in all it boild down to your specific needs. Truth is, I often just luma key actial old film reels and call it done. πŸ˜‰

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      I talked with the guys at cinegrain and I bought the indie film collection. It’s used on all sorts of pro stuff, their credits are impressive, I’m not looking for the cheesy old film looks, I’m looking for high quality grain that can give me a nice texture, and that’s what they do best, I’d rather have real grain over my footage than software that emulates it. I’ve done some research and using real film scans is what real theatrical releases do.

      BTW, I’m having trouble embedding the video below,

      16mm 200T_EXP // 5D from CineGrain on Vimeo.

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      Isn’t it a funny world? I have, just this morning, reviewed an overnight transcoding of 720 x 576 avi footage upscaled to 1280 x 720 for forwards/backwards compatibility with High definition video I have taken just lately. Despite the fact that I screwed-up the quality settings way-up, the results feature unwanted ‘grain’ which wasn’t there to start with, so it seems I’ve ‘screwed-up’ in the other way.

      ‘Back to the Drawing-Board’ I guess, to find out what went wrong. In fact, ‘Back to the Drawing Board’, is the name of my productions. It seems, I’m always headed there.

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      Just in passing, Is that a Bolex 16mm reflex I see heading up your contributions Todd Pauls? I used one for years, loved it to bits. When I finally surrenderedto the cost of feeding the beast, it was purchased from me by the (then) Natural History Unit of TVNZ, which has since become the ‘Natural History Documentary Unit’ of ‘Fox’ international. That, curiously enough, is situated not in the US, or Europe, but right here in my home town, Dunedin New Zealand (pop 118,000).

      Fox realised, it seems, that moving this smooth-running operationwith an international reputation, off shore after purchase was not the wisest choice, as ‘it is the people who count’.Our university, also runs a Graduate-level ‘Science Communication Course’ and is able to offer ‘hands-on’ experience for aspiring Natural History Documentary-makers, at the Fox-owned facility.

      My apologies, for getting a bit off-topic.

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      Yeah it is, used one in film school and I bought one later. The camera is cheap but the film and developing isn’t so cheap. Haven’t used mine in a while but it makes a great paperweight. My wife even loves it.

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      FILMLOOKS.COM has better scans and much much cheaper than Cinegrain. I bought their film grain collection for only 14.95$ The dirt and scratches collection which has many many files is freaking amazing and I only paid it 29.95$. You should all check this out because this is the real deal:

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      We offer real film grain scans at an affordable price.

      There is also a free 35mm 720p film grain plate…


      Here's a demo (watch in HD and full screen):




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      Try, digital grain and real film grain scans from 1080p to 4k, also you can download free film grain

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