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      I am the church videographer for my church in NJ. I record the services and publish them online. Here is a great example of Church Videography.

      Although I would like some more equipment.

      If anyone can post with comments on the video, as well as suggestions. Please include suggestions for equipment. I need a fluid tripod (not so much$$$) and a MICROPHONE. Preferably a shotgun, torecordthe services in the video. Please advise.

      Thanks A Whole Lot.

      PS. I am 15.

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      Unfortunately, my tethering connection isn’t allowing me to stream effectively. What I have been able to view is quite good. Your titling is effective, although you may want to watch green and reds (for color blind parishoners). Your video is pretty crisp and clear – that’s always a good thing.

      At this stage I wouldn’t worry too much about acquiring more or better equipment. Sometimes necessity forces you to come up with creative solutions. Videomaker has many low-cost work arounds that I’m certain will be of use to you.

      I recommend you continue making, editing and posting your work. You will naturally get even better with practice. I also recommend you try to branch out into other facets of the theological angle – Weddings and other ceremonies. Keep up the good work!!

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      George, as Ed mentioned your results are great with the equipment that you already have. If you are trying to upgrade your equipment on a budget you might look to getting some good equipment used. Craigslist or ebay (buyer beware) are some good sources as well as some of the big retailers who sell video/camera equipment, BH Photo, Adoramaetc. have used equipment for sale. If you do your research on good equipment and then search for it used, you can usually find some at prices that won’t break the bank. I have been able to find a couple of Manfrotto/Bogen fluid head tripods for less than $90. One of them I purchased the legs separately from the head. It took a while but my patience was rewarded. Keep shooting.

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      George, I am a member of the Ukrainian orthodox church in Chicago. The Orthodox services are beautiful in site and sound and you have done well to capture the essence. In addition to the comments above, what is your objective with the videos? Who is the audience and what is the message you want to convey? Your video work and equipmentappear quite good enough to continue telling your story. While your sound is quite good,using additional capture sources could enhance the sound. I have used smartphones and other video recroders as a cheap workaround for capturing sound. Place onenear the choir and another in the sanctuary. From your edit it appears youhave a system that can probably handle multiple audio lines. Let me know if you want more suggestions based on my knowledge of the services.

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      The acoustics suit the style perfectly and the choir sounds quite ethereal. If you are thinking about a shotgun to reduce the reverberation we hear on his voice, I’d not bother – because although they’re narrower, there’s an awful lot of audio paths and you’ll just hear a different type of reverberation on the voice. I think they’d make a small improvement, but not a huge one. See if you can borrow one to try. Radios are the only practical way of recording dry audio – although you might then have to put a little gentle reverb back on at a lower level to make the blend work,

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      Greetings! I appreciate all the feedback Ireceived, it truly means a lot. For anyone still looking at the this topic, my goal is almost of “news-recording” without the voicover. Onlybecauseif you care to look, specifically at Orthodox videos, there are not that many welleditedand thought out ones, from the US. Sobasicallythat is my goal.

      @ John Sachanda,??????????! Shocking to see a fellow Ortho. person here! Thanks for the feedback as Iwholeheartedlyagree with your post. As the son of the???????? I know quite a bit of the services;) Thanks So Much!

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      The only thing I would recommend is to color correct.

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      George, i serve in my church as a cameraman. Your work looks good and sounds good Keep up the work as you serve our King.

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      Just a FYI, the recording is made with the onboard mic on the 60D

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      on Youtube at gotobilldow I have posted several Russian Orthodox videos recorded at my parish in Canada. My sound was all in camera.

      Now I have a Zoom H4n and am learning to use it.

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