Church Video and Copyright issues for Music with tracks

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      My church has been recording video of the worship services for about 16 months now. One issue always comes up at Christmas/Easter: “Why can’t we make a video of the program? We have the CCLI membership?”

      Our choir or other special music programs are accompanied by accompaniment tracks rather than live musicians playing the musical score. Is there a clearing house similar to CCLI that can be a “one-stop shopping” source for this purpose rather than having to go to the individual copyright holders?

      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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      I would recomend to contact Christian Copyright Solutions. We currently use their licensing for performance. They also have licensing products for webcasting as well as video syncing. Here is their website There is a lot of good information on their website.

      The problem is licensing is a very complicated issue. I have utilized their free webinars as well as calling them directly with questions about what we were trying to do at our church. They were very helpfull.


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