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Hello all im new here, i like the emails i get with tips on how to shoot live video and the reviews are helpful. Our church has recently approved for us to get better equipment to broadcast our services live over the internet. All i use is a camera and my laptop. (lol)

My question is can anyone recommend me a good setup for a live production? a video switcher and two good cameras. We ahve a working budget of 10-12,000. I am trying to stream online and record straight to dvd at the same time. So far i have these in mind: (camera),-TLM-404,-TLM-702,-RKM-4N7-holder,-RMC-140-p-34436.html&pltid=0c938c0a2ff87da468a309206b46c7ef (video switcher)

what else would i need for this to work? thanks all :-)

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I have a catalog from Kingdom they market to the church market the web site is

They have kits for doing video you may want to use as a point of reference for equipment to look at. Some of the kits they have use remote controlled cameras.

If you are going to broadcast over the internet you will need a license to do that . It is somehting our church has looked at but are much further behind you. You can check out a website copyrightsolver.comThey have some very good explanations about what is requiredas far as license requirement.We have a performance licensethru them that allows us to use some secular music as part of our worship as well asusing recorded music for pre-service.

Good luck sounds like a fun project.



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It might be as easy as a broadband connection in/accessible to the church, a basic two-camera switcher, your cameras and Multimedia Pros check out their options, or check out the options at mogulus. These have received some strong endorsement from video production users I've read about in other forums.

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Try they have a lot of experience with live internet broadcast and DVD production.

They work with a number of very large churches and are extremely helpful.

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Our church is broadcasting live on the internet, we recently made some changes to our audio feed and we are running into problems with the audio not syncing up to the video feed. Are there any suggestions on how to fix this problem. The camera feed is directed into the laptop via firewire and the audio is also a direct feed into the laptop. We tried directing the audio into the camera but we loose sound quality hence why we directed into the laptop itself but now there is a lag between audio and video.

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 Using a laptop is this way can be problematic and often it is best to have audio go directly to a camera and let it multiplex it with the video. If someone says you are losing "quality" it might be worthwhile to investigate what that means. First, since this to be an internet feed, keep in mind the level of "quality" end-users will have. Second, if the "quality" issue involves distortion in any way, the problem is probably a signal impedance or level mismatch between the audio origin (house mixer?) and the camera. Third, if the "quality" issue is noise then there are engineering or wiring issues to consider, but none of these should be insurmountable.

Having audio and video on separate computer ports is what quite often causes latency issues that are very difficult to overcome.

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I saw you added something from datavideo, and I've run into those products plenty of times in the production industry - they seem to do very well with switchers.


If you haven't done so, I'd suggest you look at their most updated switchers. Believe it or not, they

have very decent prices and are sure to give a good deal.


Converters are also some of their specialities - which you might need during live production.


-Ben Ivy