Chromakey with movement?

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      We produce a weekly tv show about NASCAR Racing. We are currently using a green screen behind our talent, which works well, but we’d like to

      be able to incorporate camera pans and zooms. Does anyone know of a way to do this without breaking the bank?

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      Adobe have a program called “Ultra”. It is a program just for chroma keying and it has some very cool virtual backgrounds, with pans, zooms, and movements… i think ultra will help you…

      Hope i have helped,


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      I am not sure I understand your question. Are you asking for a way of having the pan/zoom that you do on your talent match the pan/zoom in your background plate?

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      That’s exactally what I want to do. Obviously if you zoom in on talent, the chromakeyed background gets larger too. Is there an economical way to track that so they work simultaneously?

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      All you are doing in chromakeying is overlaying an image or video on a mask that is set to a color value. just because you zoom in and the area of the color key changes, the image or video that you overlay does not zoom with the camera changes. you would have to make adjustments to the input images or video to correspond with the camera changes.


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      A little off topic here, but on the Digital Juice forums, there has been an award winning NASCAR videographer/producer for several years.

      His name is Bill Channell ( and while he is taking a break from the forums now (he just retired) would, I’m pretty sure, be more than helpful for you in your endeavors in this genre.

      I’ve seen his video work and it is outstanding!

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